Sun Shines for most of the year, temperatures average around the 30°C most of the time. the rainy season is very short and inconsistent.

Sunset in Murrebue

Sunset in Murrebue

The constant ocean breeze ensures pleasant temperatures even during the hottest days.

Sunset in Murrebue


1. North East trades (Kasi Kasi) from November to March, it is effected by the rain season (when it rains the wind stops) which is in the same period, however, generally blows rather constantly and we experience very little rain. The average wind during the season is around 18 knots ranging between 14 and 22 knots, always constant, very rarely gusty.

The swell situation is rather constant in the period, but when a Cyclone is active in the southern Indian Ocean (mostly January February) the swell can become massive!

2. South East trades (Cusi) from April to September, it just blows! I kept during the last season a personal statistic, days in which have been possible to fly at least on a 12 m kite, it shows 73.2%.
the average wind is around 20 knots, ranging from 15 to 30 knots, with a good number of days with winds over 20 knots, always constant, not messed up from rain or cyclones, this is “the season” in this area.
The swell is swinging in from the south constantly.

The only kiting venue in the area is Pirate Kites.

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