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On a lifelong mission to identify the best winds and spots in the Indian Ocean

Carlo discovered Murrebue, started kiting its waters with a bunch of local enthusiasts and quickly realized he had in hands a really cool spot!

Set routes and started Pirate Kites.

Pirate kites is the Only kite center in Northern Mozambique


Pirate Kites is now a fully equipped kite school with top class services, and the point of reference for Kite Surfers in northern Mozambique.

We Offer:
Beginners kitesurf courses
Advanced (upwind Jump first tricks)
Kite storage
Beach assistance

Ludo e Carlo

The region extends from the Ruvuma River separating Tanzania and Mozambique to the southerly Lurio River south of Mecufi.  The whole coastal region has pretty much the same winds similar sea conditions.
When planning, please be aware of the fact that the local hospital (the only one is in Pemba, and is currently undergoing renovation and upgrade) can only provide basic treatment.  To be on the safe side, try and take out a medical insurance policy which includes emergency evacuation.

Gear to pack:

kites in the range between 9 and 13m,freestyle and wave board, reef shoes are recommended in some spots, but generally not really necessary, a wet suit is just extra weight in the luggage, but you might feel like you need a shorty after 3 to 4 hours in the water during the winter months (June to August) when the temperature of the water drops to about 24° C


pirate Kites ready t hit the road

The air temperature is around 30° C throughout the year.  The only kiting venue in the area is Pirate Kites (me) www.murrebue.com  info@murrebue.com cell Carlo +258 82 3805790.  We are located in Murrebue only 20 minutes drive from Pemba in the direction of Mecufi, 4×4 needed.  Lessons are available and we do offer limited kite rental.

When Kiters are in the area, they can contact me for specific information on weather conditions and receive a free sms alert when the forecast is good.


We have 2 main seasons:
The North Easterly trade winds (Kasi Kasi) blow from November to March.  This period coincides with the rainy season.  The winds are affected by the rains (when it rains the wind stops), however, showers are short and sharp, and we do not get that much rain.  Consequently, the wind is relatively constant between 14 and 22 knots. averaging around 18 knots and very rarely gusty.  The swells are rather constant in the period, but when a Cyclone is active in the southern Indian Ocean (mostly January and February) the swell can become massive!

Nick getting Massive air

The South Easterly trades (Cusi) blow from April to September and it just blows and blows!
During these months, the winds range from 15 to 30 knots with the average around 20 knots.  There are a good number of days with winds over 20 knots, always constant, and not affected by rain or cyclones.  The swell is swinging in from the south constantly. This is definitely “the season” in this area.Specific forecast information for Murrebue and other local statistics are available on wind finder at www.windfinder.com/forecast/murrebue_beach_pemba Pemba is the best base for a trip in the region.  There is an international airport with flights to Johannesburg, Dar el Salaam and Nairobi and the best place to stay near Pemba is Il Pirata, right on Murrebue beach.The best people to contact to organize a trip in the area are Kaskazini Tourism Services, www.kaskazini.com info@kaskazini.com.  They can organize all sort of accommodation, transfers, car rental with or without driver, and trips to the Quirimbas Islands. They are particularly good at tailoring packages for all kind of budgets. For budget traveling there is a wide choice of very cheap local bus and taxis (Chapas) going practically everywhere.  You must however have a very flexible schedule when travelling on local transport! A trip to Cabo Delgado in Mozambique will offer plenty of wind, amazing and never-sailed-before spots and of course, loads of adventure!

kiting in Murrebue


Gabriele in a Back Roll Transition with a Hand Plant

Gabriele in a Back Roll Transition with a Hand Plant



find us on:
cell Carlo +258 846507686.
We are located in Murrebue only 20 minutes drive from Pemba in the direction of Mecufi, 4×4 needed.