Learn to Kitesurf

Beginner Course:

is dedicated to all the beginners who desire to approach the world of kite.

It is organized into five levels that will allow you to learn gradually and safely.

The purpose of the course is not just to get you started with the board, but above all it is oriented to give you all the tools you need to continue to      learn independently and, above all, safely. (Average lenth of the course 10 hrs).

First level:  Group lesson € 50

You’ll learn how to fly the kite off the ground in the most entertaining and secure, using trainer kite in boxes. This technique not only quickly make you a real drivers but will let you know and understand perfectly all parts of the flight (called the wind window), where and why you can not generate traction and the basic operation of all security systems. A real simulation on the ground of what ultimately going to do in the water with the board.

Second level: Group lesson € 50

You will learn how to set up inflatable kites. You’ll discover all the secrets of flying hooked, how to relaunch the kite when it falls into the water and how all safety systems work.

Third level: Group lesson € 50

We will teach you to recover the equipment in an emergency and to get back to the shore independently using the kite as a rescue raft.

Fourth level: : Individual lesson € 100

You will learn to use the kite traction in the water and to navigate without the board in all directions. Then you will learn to deal with the kite and the board togheter and you will start with the first exercises to get ready for the water start with the board.

Fifth level: Individual lesson € 100

WATER START ! Here we are finally ready for the start with the board, to find the balance for the first tacks.

Advanced Courses

(4 hours – € 250): The advanced course, as the next stage, begins with an assessment of your skills and prior knowledge to better fit the course to your needs. In this course we will focus on upwind skills and/or Jumping.

It is divided into: land preparation with lectures, practical lessons, analysis of all the errors and problems during the lesson, second lesson and final assessment of the improvements and the level reached at the end of the course.

Private Lessons

(1 hour – € 100): To fit the particular need of beginner or advanced riders who want to deepen their knowledge and skill in a particular trick or exercise.