On the road

July 2010, Piratekites gets on the road and goes to explore the far north.

"The Team" Will, Max, Wess, Carlo, Pablo, Bruce and Bart

the trip started at the border of Tanzania and continued along the beautiful coast of Northern Mozambique, after a couple of magical days on the Island of Tecomaji, the team explored spots in the unaccessible village of Shanga, Ingoane, Ponta Cabo Pekeue, Pangane.

7 days of absolute adventure, everywhere we found enthusiastic crowds that made us feel like pros at the WorldTour       we had to open the road to get to the village of Shanga, every night at the camp fire shared the experiences and the feelings the adventure left with us.

being the first ever kiting the spots we were encountering along the road, made us feel the expectations and anticipation of the unknown ahead, we made sure each and every one of us had his solo entrance in a new spot.

the wind blessed us for 5 days with 20 knots average, we all came back to Pemba with fantastic memories sculped in our eyes memories that will stay with us forever.

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